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Get Behind Local Business During Australian Made Week - Part Two

The state's regional areas are fundamental to the functioning of our cities and the nation.

Regions supply much of the necessities of everyday life—from the food we eat to the energy that runs our households and industries. Without the driving force of regional communities, the strength and vitality of our national economy and the Australian way of life would not be possible.

In this issue we feature two of our remarkable makers, and creators nestled in regional Victoria - each supporting our state’s recovery - backed by their local communities, businesses and creating jobs; Adelia Fine Foods on the Bellarine Peninsula and Bank Street Wood Fired Pizza in Avenel.

We share their thought-provoking stories that exist within our borders - we trust you will be inspired.

A D E L I A F I N E F O O D S , O C E A N G R O V E


Adelia Fine Foods - Adam and Amelia, the sweetheart creators of much loved Australian breakfast food brand on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Breakfast will never be the same with their fresh, nutritional and locally sourced products. They love experimenting with new flavour combinations and take inspiration from the world around them.

Everything they do flows from that. How they source their ingredients and suppliers to how they approach every element of their business. It’s always with an uncompromising commitment to quality. It’s also about doing what they believe in - to make breakfast special.

“We’re a local family business supporting twelve local employees. We source our quality fruit and nut ingredients from the Barossa Valley to Queensland and our natural honey from the Bellarine.” - Amelia

Adelia's speciality granola caters to any dietary requirement, from vegan, fructose and paleo friendly, to fruit free and gluten free options. Their complimentary range of trail mixes, bars and pancake mixes are also made with the same locally sourced and handpicked natural ingredients - that once you've tried it, you'll love it.

T H E D E T A I L S Adelia Fine Foods

B A N K S T R E E T W O O D F I R E D P I Z Z A & G A R D E N


The story centres around a garden and a wood fire oven. This is the Bank Street concept and the secret combination that brings guests in droves to experience fresh food and the country air.

Bank Street is much loved for its artisan pizza, and its community charm. Thin pizza bases come with blistered crusts and only four or five toppings consisting of locally selected ingredients to create well-balanced creations from the old classics to the creative.

Run by Nadine - owner and manager is one of the chief artisan pizza makers. She takes pride in sourcing natural local ingredients to make authentic artisan creations in a regional setting.

The space, with its garden and restaurant is a composition of Nadine's favourite things. A sensory experience where the open kitchen fills the restaurant with the warm aroma of baking pizza.

“We pride ourselves on really good service. We really like to welcome our guests with warm smiles and great food with a great experience."

- Nadine

Bank Street is a classic restaurant, and sure to delight. The relaxed but confident service complements a seasonal menu of delicious creations, with an emphasis on locally sourced quality ingredients, creative flair and regional charm.


Bank Street Wood Fired Pizza & Garden

5 Bank St, Avenel Details


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