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Spiced Brandy 700ml

A spiced brandy infused with a selection of spices and fruits, inspired by our Head Distiller's own fourth generation family Christmas pudding recipe.

The subtle sweetness of this delectable spiced brandy comes from steeping all of the Christmas pudding ingredients for more than 10 days - including dried apricots, cranberries, orange zest and nutmeg, plus a unique blend of whimsical festive flavours including frankincense and myrrh.


Colour I Bright Golden Amber

Aroma I Sweet doughy aromas infused with classic Christmas spices, dried fruits and citrus rinds effortlessly intertwining with a subtle spearmint high note giving our Christmas Spiced Brandy a beautifully layered nature.

Palate I Medium in body, sweet spice, apricot, currents and orange rind up front open revealing a spicy mid palate blend of nutmeg, native pepperberry and cassia finishing cleanly with vanilla caring all the spices driven by lip numbing clove for a long delectable finish.

Serving Suggestions I Sip neat, mix into your favourite cocktail or whisk into brandy foam sauce to serve with dessert.

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