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Ceres Homestead Collection

100% Australian Wool Caramel Check Blanket

Made locally in Geelong, the palette and surface texture uses our landscape as a guide, with its ever changing seasons, colours and temperature climate. These high quality, heavy weight blankets are not only of classic design, they are warm and sumptuously cosy.

The check, take its influence from the beautiful pavers that line the extensive verandahs that surround the Homestead. The warmth of the colours take inspiration from the decor of the house and garden, making these blankets timeless and elegant. They will age with grace and the natural fibre will last for generations.

So exquisite to enjoy and so easy to handle...these blankets wash and dry like a dream. A gentle machine wash, and line dry, these blankets beautifully hold their shape and colour.

Based on the integrity that is Ceres Homestead, there has been no compromise on quality. Locally made in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, from 100% Australian wool, these blankets are your chance to purchase a piece of Ceres Homestead history.

Size: 154cmx 205cm

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