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Recycled Wool Blanket from Dunmore Farm

Soft, durable and breathable, this recycled wool blanket is incredibly cosy and brings a nurturing warmth to your living space. Made by The Tartan Blanket Co., it is woven from 70% recycled wool and 30% mixed recycled fibres.

Using pre-loved wool products, this blanket is perfect for snuggling nights, relaxed sleep-ins and long afternoons by the fire. Plus it is also environmentally sustainable.


70% recycled wool, 30% mixed fibres saved from landfill

Soft, natural and durable yarn

Sustainable blanket leaving a positive handprint on our planet

Designed by The Tartan Blanket Co. in Edinburgh

Colours available in : Grey Herringbone and Natural Herringbone

Size: 145cm x 190cm

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