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Gifts for Home

Gratitude Gift Pack from Dunmore Farm

Give the gift of Gratitude with our Love Tea and Five Minute journal gift pack. 

In the gift pack you will find;

Lemongrass and Ginger Loose Leaf

Sleep Loose Leaf

French Earl Grey Loose Leaf

Peppermint Loose Leaf

Five Minute Journal

These gorgeous gift packs are crafted from recycled card and can easily be recycled or composted as needed. There is a generous space on the back of the box for you to add a personal note. Each gift is put together by hand, with great deal of love and care.

Five Minute Journal:

Taking five minutes each morning to journal is the simplest thing you can do to create a happy start to your day. Focusing on the positive and becoming more mindful, the Five Minute Journal harnesses proven principles of positive psychology to provide you with a guided gratitude journaling format.

Helping to shape your personal growth and emotional intelligence, the Five Minute Journal leads you on a pathway of gratitude. It guides you to develop meaningful relationships, improve your productivity and emerge into an enhanced version of yourself.


The original gratitude journal that ignited the journaling movement

Insightful and guided introduction to mindfulness and positive psychology

6 months of daily journaling

5 daily prompts focused on gratitude and self-growth

Weekly challenges to build confidence and leave your comfort zone

Colour: Original Linen

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