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30 Seconds of soothe

30-Seconds of Soothe – a series of new videos curated for calm. Featuring scenes of nature from regional Victoria to help you focus, relax, sleep and distract yourself from the pain and discomfort of isolation.


30-Seconds of Soothe is your perfect companion to keep you company and inspired for life after lockdown. Available Now.


Road Trip Tunes

Tunes to make your summer road trip sound and feel great. Whether it’s driving down the Great Ocean Road, or zigzagging through wide open spaces, a good soundtrack - or a road trip playlist can make your summer journey all the more memorable.


Australia Day Tunes

Tunes to make your Aussie Day bbq sound and feel great. The Essential Australia Day Soundtrack is a must have for your Australia Day celebration. Inspired by The Getaway Traveller team, we have compiled over 140 songs to help you celebrate Australia Day in style.

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